Cashing in Your Annuity Payments

If you are currently receiving annuity payments from your structured settlement and personal injury lawsuit. There are a few options for cashing in on your annuity payments with the help of 123 Lump Sum you can maximize your annuity cash out and be happy with the results when you have a gigantic lump sum of money in your bank account.

The sale and transfer process for annuities are seamless and easy. You don’t have to worry about your finances and paying your bills any more once you have signed on to work with 123 Lump Sum the leader in purchasing annuity and structured settlement payment rights.

For more information on the transfer process for cashing in your annuity just give us a call. We will give you detailed information on how long it will take, how you can borrow against your annuity, and how we can assist you in selling your payments and get you out of the financial rat race.

Is Your Structured Settlement Buyout Your Best Option?

Deciding to sell your structured settlement payments can make a huge impact on your  life.

While it is your money and your choice to do with it as you please, you still have to take into account that you will most likely lose some of your money by receiving it now instead of over the length of the original agreement.

How Do You Know if This is the Right Decision for You?

You will first need to consider your money needs now and compare them to what they might be in the future. If you receive a structured settlement buyout, that means that your future monthly payments will either be reduced or disappear altogether.

Your cash needs now may outweigh any future needs but it is still something that needs to be thought out. You can use the cash now for:

– buying a car

– starting a business

– investing for your future

– buying your dream home

Regardless of the benefits of using your cash for these purposes, you will still need to take into account that your regular monthly payments won’t be there as you originally planned for. On the contrary, taking advantage of a structured settlement buyout could get you out of a bad situation, like eliminating debt. It may also be a better option than obtaining a loan or incurring more debt.

The best way to make these decisions is to have a company that specializes in structured settlement buyout go over your situation and provide you with your best options.

Who Should I Contact for My Structured Settlement Buyout?

Since selling your annuity or structured settlement payments is a major financial decision, it’s important that you go to the right resources for help.

There are many companies out there that can help you with your structured settlement
buyout. It’s important that you do your research so that you can choose the company that will provide you with the best solution for your specific circumstances.

Any company you contact should be willing to provide you with a free, no obligation quote. They should go over your needs and help you by covering all of your options, including whether or not selling a portion or all of your payments is a good idea.

The companies you contact should also have a trained staff that has expertise in financial, insurance and legal matters in relation to structured settlement buyouts. As most states have laws that dictate how structured settlement payments are sold, you will want to hire a company that can handle these manners accurately and professionally.

Any decision that affects your current or future finances needs to be taken with care and serious consideration. If you decide that you may want to proceed with a structured settlement buyout, make sure you enlist the right company to help you with your decision.

Having the right company in your corner will not only make the process go smoothly,but you will receive your cash more quickly as well as feel more comfortable with your finances.

Structured Settlement Annuity Providers

What to Expect From a Structured Settlement Annuity Provider

If you are looking to get cash from selling your annuity or structured settlement
payments, you should know ahead of time what to expect from the structured settlement annuity provider you choose.

Selling your payments is an important financial and life changing decision and should
not be taken lightly. Structured settlement annuity providers are experienced in helping people sell their annuity or structured settlement payments for cash. They will also help you to decide on whether you should sell a portion or all of your payments for cash.

Given their experience, the provider you choose should walk you through the steps to getting your cash as quickly as possible.

When you first contact a structured settlement annuity provider, they should be able to
easily answer any questions you may have without obligation. This involves providing you with a free quote and helping you to:

– decide how much cash you may need

– figure out if you should sell a portion or all of your payments

– discuss what you are using the cash for

– know how much cash you will actually receive

– receive your cash as quickly as possible

Your structured settlement annuity provider should be a partner with you as you go
through this process. In addition to how much cash you will receive and when, your
provider should also discuss with you any fees or charges involved in the process. Once
you decide to work with someone, you should also have a point of contact as you work
with them to receive your cash. This will help you in getting any questions you may have
answered as soon as possible.

Your structured settlement annuity provider will work with you to give you the best
value for your cash. They should have an excellent history in helping people with selling
their payments. They will also have experts on their staff who specializes in financing,
underwriting and the law as it pertains to selling structured settlement payments. Your
provider will use their resources in order to find you a competitive offer. This will ensure
that you receive the best possible deal.

The experience you receive from working with a structured settlement annuity provider
will be based on your specific needs. Your specific situation and circumstances are unique to you and your provider should take the time to understand how they can best

Regardless of who you choose as your structured settlement annuity provider, the process should be easy, straightforward and provide you with your cash as quickly as possible.

Any provider you contact should also be understanding if you want to “shop around” and find the best deal for your situation.

In the end, you may even decide that selling your payments isn’t right for you at the time. By speaking with a provider, you will at least have the assurance of knowing what to do and who to contact if you should change your mind or if your circumstances change.

Are You In Need of Lump Sum Funding to Get Cash from Your Annuity Payments?

Are you in need of cash now?

Life can be unpredictable at times. Between unexpected bills and changes in income, our needs can change more often than we can sometimes handle.

Maybe you need cash to cover a major expense or to better your situation. Maybe you just want to be free of your obligations. If you have a structured settlement, your monthly payments may not be enough to live your life according to your terms.

If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to sell your payments. By selling your payments, you can use lump sum funding to get cash to take care of your needs.

What Can You Use the Cash For?

You can actually use the cash you receive from lump sum funding to do a variety of things. This includes:

– purchasing a home
– buying a luxury car
– getting out of debt
– eliminating high interest rate credit cards
– paying off medical bills
– traveling to a favorite destination
– investing in your future, such as starting your own business
– paying for college tuition

As you can see, you have many options when you use lump sum funding to sell your structured payments. Having access to your cash opens up a lot of possibilities for you and prevents you from being limited to a small monthly payment.

Instead of waiting years to receive all of your money, you can receive all of your money through lump sum funding.

How Do I Obtain Lump Sum Funding?

In order to receive your cash through lump sum funding, you will need to contact a company that specializes in selling annuity or structured settlement payments.

Most reputable companies will answer any questions you may have in regards to lump sum funding without any further obligation. This includes going over your specific situation and helping you to decide whether you should sell only a portion of your payments or if selling all of them is a better solution for you. Making this decision is crucial as it will help you to determine how much cash you will receive, the impact of not receiving a monthly payment and if you will want to have payments coming to you in future months.

The company you contact should also provide you with a free quote that explains how much cash you will receive, what fees or charges you may incur and how fast you will receive your cash. This quote should also be without obligation and it should help you make an educated decision on what your options are for your circumstances.

Obtaining lump sum funding is an important decision that should be taken with careful consideration. While you may be receiving a large sum of cash upfront, you will also need to take into account that your monthly payments may be reduced or go away altogether. The lump sum funding company you choose will help you decide on a solution that is right for you.

Difference Between 123 Lump Sum and JG Wentworth

We are often asked What is the Difference Between 123 Lump Sum and JG Wentworth?

If you’re researching different structured settlement companies in order to sell your payments, chances are you’re looking at some of the popular companies, like JG Wentworth.

As you are making your decision, it’s important to look at what those other companies
have to offer. After all, doing your research properly will help you to get the best deal possible for your specific circumstances. But it’s also important to know the differences between all of the structured settlement companies out there as well.

Here are some of the differences between 123 Lump Sum and JG Wentworth:

No flashy commercials – If you’re a fan of TV, there’s no doubt you’ve probably seen more than your share of JG Wentworth’s commercials. They’re usually musical in nature and designed to grab your attention.

While 123 Lump Sum does have commercials, our advertising is structured around helping our customers to understand who we are and what we do. No fluff, just enough information to let you know we’re here to help.

Direct funding company – At 123 Lump Sum, we’re a direct funding source for structured settlements.

Our focus is on providing financial expertise to our customers through our extensive resources. Since we use direct funding, we can get your cash to you quickly through our large investment portfolio. Our team at 123 Lump Sum includes professionals who specialize in financing, insurance and legal matters so that you can be assured that we provide you with the best options for selling your structured settlement.

Leading purchaser of structured settlements – Although JG Wentworth is the largest structured settlement company, 123 Lump Sum leads in the purchase of structured settlement payments.

This means that more customers use us for selling their structured settlement payments than any other company out there, even the “big guys.” We strive to work hard every day to be there for our customers so we remain the leading purchaser for structured settlements. We’re committed to providing premier customer service and the best offers to our customers.

As you do your research, you will find that there is a significant difference between 123 Lump Sum and JG Wentworth. As it is implied in the facts above, we want to make it easy for people just like you to live the life of their dreams by getting them their cash as quickly as possible. 123 Lump Sum believes in giving people the power to use their money as they choose.

The combination of focusing on our customers along with being a direct funding source gives 123 Lump Sum the opportunity to help more of our customers every day. Due to these factors, we are able to provide you with the highest value possible for your future structured settlement payments.

This gives you the best chance possible to make positive changes in your life. We want you to have access to as much of your cash as you possibly can so you can use it for getting out of debt, buying a home, paying for college or any other number of reasons.

At 123 Lump Sum, we will provide you with a free quote without obligation to help you make the best decision for your financial future.

Buyers of Annuity Payments

How to Look for a Buyer of Annuity Payments?

Many people have structured settlement or annuity payments. These can result from winning the lottery or from being awarded compensation for a personal injury or malpractice lawsuit.

Annuity payments come in regular intervals and are designed to protect the financial future of the recipient. While receiving regular payments may have been the best solution at the time, you may find yourself in need of receiving a larger sum of cash or all of your cash now.

Whether you need the money to take care of an emergency situation or if you want to use it to get out of debt, you will need to find a buyer of annuity payments that can assist you.

Choosing a Buyer of Annuity Payments

When choosing a buyer of annuity payments, you will want to make sure you choose a provider that specializes in structured settlements. This will help to ensure that you receive the best possible option for your specific situation.

No matter how badly you may need the cash, it is important that you take the time to contact more than one buyer of annuity payments. Making a rushed decision or not shopping around may prevent you from getting the help you really need. Also, if the company you contact knows you are in a rush, they may not take the time to look at every factor necessary to provide you with your best option.

While it may seem overwhelming to choose a buyer for your annuity payments, it is still manageable if you work with reputable companies who have an excellent reputation of helping people. After going over your personal circumstances, a buyer of annuity payments should provide you with a free quote without any further obligation.

Deciding on a Buyer of Annuity Payments

Once you have done your research by contacting a few different buyers of annuity payments, the decision to sell your payments is ultimately yours. No one, especially the companies you contact, should pressure you into making a decision.

You will also want to ensure that the company you choose not only has an adequate staff to serve you but that they have experts on hand to assist you with any financial or legal matters that may arise from selling your payments. By knowing what your needs are and matching them with the right buyer of annuity payments, you can receive the cash you need in a timely manner. You will also have confidence in your decision by trusting the right provider to assist you.

The most important thing you can do before you make a final decision is to consider all of your options as well as their impact on your current and future financial future. As once you finalize the purchase of your annuity payments, the transaction can’t be reversed.

Taking the right steps to consider your situation and choosing a qualified buyer of annuity payments will assist you in making a decision you can be happy with.

Three Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Structured Settlement Annuity Company

Three Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Structured Settlement Annuity Company

If you are receiving money from a structured settlement, chances are you have come to rely on having the amount of money you receive every month.

But have you thought about what would happen if you could access more of your money?

If you have, then you will need to speak with a representative at a structured settlement annuity company. Structured settlement annuity companies exist to help individuals like you to access their money in one lump sum.

Before you make a decision, you will need to consider three factors when researching structured settlement annuity companies.

• Reputation – the company you choose should have an excellent reputation

in assisting people with their structured settlement payments. They should have a history of helping people along with testimonials from their customer’s experiences. In addition, they should have trained financial experts on their staff who are able to assist you regardless of your specific circumstances.

• Assisting You without Further Obligation – any company you do business with should assist you without any further obligation to do business with them.

Chances are if you are trying to sell your annuity or structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash, you are going to have questions that need answering. The structured settlement company you choose should answer any questions you have as well as provide you with a detailed, free quote based on your situation before you make any final agreements to work with them.

• How Quickly They Can Assist You

If you need your cash quick, it’s important that a structured settlement annuity company can assist you in getting it fast. This also applies to any other business you do with them whether you are just shopping around or you’re a regular customer. The company you choose should answer questions, provide you with a free quote and assist you quickly no matter what your situation is. By being able to assist you fast, it will show that the company is genuinely interested in you as a customer.

Although these factors are important when you are trying to make a decision, you will also want to judge any structured settlement annuity company by how they treat you. Are they happy to answer your questions or do they seem annoyed that you’re asking them?

Can you get a hold of your representative or someone who can assist you in a timely  manner or do you have to call constantly to get in touch with someone? Does it take  them more than a reasonable amount of time to respond to any requests you may have?

Overall, you will want to consider that how a structured settlement annuity company  treats you in the initial stages of contact will dictate how they treat you throughout your relationship with them. Make sure you are comfortable with your interaction with them and you will enjoy working with them for all of your future cash needs.

Do You Need an Annuity Purchaser to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments?

If you are in need of getting cash from selling your annuity or structured settlement  payments, you are probably wondering if you need to find an annuity purchaser to assist you.

In most cases, it will be necessary for you to find an annuity purchaser who can help you to sort out the best way to sell your payments. If your annuity isn’t transferable, you will not be able to sell it under any circumstances. However, you may want to apply for a loan to get your cash and you can show your annuity as an acceptable form of income.

If you are trying to sell a structured settlement, there’s a good chance that you will have to go through the courts to complete the process. The majority of states in the U.S. have structured settlement protection acts in place as structured settlements are mostly used to protect the financial security of recipients as well as their families. Given the legal issues that may result from trying to sell your payments, it would be in your best interest to have someone on your side that understands the process.

How Your Annuity Purchaser Can Assist You

Annuity purchasers have the expertise to help you when you are in need of selling your annuity or structured settlement payments. They have financial experts on hand to help you with any financial or legal issues that may arise from getting cash for your payments.

Without this assistance, you may not be able to successfully maneuver through any court or legal matters by yourself. You could potentially end up making decisions without knowing or understanding all of the consequences. By contacting an annuity purchaser,  you stand the best chance of getting the best deal from selling your payments.

An annuity purchaser such as industry leader 123 Lump Sum will not only have the expertise to help you avoid any pitfalls, they will also be help you evaluate what your payments are worth and how much cash you can get from them. Anytime you contact an annuity purchaser for information, you should be able to get a free quote and have your questions answered without any further obligation.

Never sign or pay anything until you at least receive a free quote from the provider. By obtaining a free quote, you will have a better understanding of how the annuity purchaser works, how quickly they provide you with the information you requested, and how they interact with you in general. Make sure you are confident in the annuity purchaser’s ability to help you before you proceed in doing business with them.

It’s usually a good idea to contact and industry leader like 123 Lump sum or our affiliated companies like Cash in Your Annuity who understands the intricacies of annuity purchasing. This is done to ensure that you get the best deal for your circumstances. We will also be able to help you decide if you should sell a portion of your payments or all of them to obtain the cash you need.

You will most likely save time and money by having an annuity purchaser assist you with selling your annuity or structured settlement payments for cash. Only do business with a provider that has a history of successfully assisting people and works with you to provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation.

What to Look For In a Structured Settlement Buyer

A structured settlement buyer can help you get all or part of your structured settlement amount right now in one lump sum instead of in measured payments over time. In exchange for getting the lump sum for you, structured settlement buyers receive a portion of the settlement amount as commission. An attorney should carefully review any structured settlement offer before you sign the dotted line.

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement?

  • Use all or part of the settlement for a high-end purchase. You won’t need a credit check, and you won’t be paying interest, carrying debt or making monthly payments.
  • Avoid the interest you would otherwise pay on an auto loan. Use the cash to buy a car outright, and you’ll pay roughly half of what you would have paid over time with a loan.
  • Buy a house you can live in now. If you cash out the settlement, you can purchase a home upfront or use part of your settlement as a down payment.
  • Invest the settlement amount in something that pays higher interest.
  • Use the cash lump sum to pay off high-interest credit card debt or school loans.
  • You can sell only a portion of your settlement now, keeping the rest for future payments.
  • Apply the cash amount to medical treatments you need now that are not covered by insurance.

writing-checkThe value of the dollar decreases every year. If you cash out now, you’ll get more spending power from the same amount of money than if you wait until the value of the dollar decreases even more.

It’s easy to sell your structured settlement, but be sure to shop carefully for a reputable structured settlement buyer who will offer you the highest possible lump sum settlement amount. An experienced and established structured settlement broker can offer you a win-win settlement that benefits you both.

Pay Off Student Loans Faster

n excellent education can mean the difference between a life of mediocre jobs that keep you above the poverty level and a meaningful, enjoyable career that provides for much more than the simple necessities of life.

Pay Off Student Loans

While higher education is valuable, it is also expensive, and many students must rely on student loans to finance their schooling. Acquiring debt is a serious matter and can involve perils if you do not plan carefully. Some students wait to begin paying on their loans until they must do so. However, you will be ahead if you pay off student loans faster, and there are some methods you can use to help accomplish that goal.

Develop a Strategy

You may pay off student loans faster if you make minimum payments on all your loans, but pay any extra money you may have on your loans with the highest interest rates. Eliminating those high-interest loans first will lower your total interest and allow you to apply more to principal balances.

Start Paying as Soon as Possible

If you have a part-time job or work during the summer, pay off student loans faster by applying your wages to your student loans. If possible, do not wait until after graduation to begin making payments on your loans.

Pay More than Once a Month

Paying Off Student LoansYou will pay less interest over the term of each loan if you make frequent payments because you will lower your loan principal with each payment. If you have a steady income, you can set up an automatic debit for each payday, and your lender may even reward you for that by giving you a lower interest rate.

Apply all Extra Cash to Your Loans

Many students receive money for Christmas, birthdays and graduation. Instead of using gifts of cash to buy something for yourself, make extra payments on your student loans.

It is important to take care of money in a responsible manner, and forming wise habits by making good financial decisions should start early. If you pay off student loans faster, you will be making a big step in the right direction.