If You Have Too Much Debt, Selling Your Annuity Might Be the Best Option


If you happen to one of the many Americans hoping to sell structured settlement or annuity payments, then chances are you didn’t even really know what the settlement or annuity process would entail. Naturally, many find the inability to use their money when they want to frustrating. This can be a big problem if dealing with a lot of debt.

If you feel like you’re the only one struggling to pay bills on time, don’t worry. You definitely aren’t. Almost one in every five Americans considers themselves to be buried in debt at any given time, and one in four adults says that they have trouble paying their bills on time every single month.

Believe it or not, the average American household has around 13 payment cards, including credit, debit, and bank cards. Knowing that, it makes a little more sense that the average household has around $15,355 in credit card debt. Add in mortgage payments, car payments, and student loan payments, and you’re looking at about $129,579 worth of outstanding debts in the average American household.

Selling your structured structured settlement, annuity settlement, or lottery annuity won’t solve all of your debt issues immediately. You’ll still have to consider things like debt repayment plans, financial management skills, and possibly even investment options. This will make sure that you’re handling your influx of cash wisely.

Selling your annuity can help you take down your debt, providing you with the foundation you need to start building up better credit. This is exactly why so many people choose to sell their settlements or annuities.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why you might be considering selling your annuity! We’d love to hear about your experiences dealing with an annuity or settlement plan, and also what’s motivating you to consider selling.

Do You Need an Annuity Purchaser to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments?

If you are in need of getting cash from selling your annuity or structured settlement  payments, you are probably wondering if you need to find an annuity purchaser to assist you.

In most cases, it will be necessary for you to find an annuity purchaser who can help you to sort out the best way to sell your payments. If your annuity isn’t transferable, you will not be able to sell it under any circumstances. However, you may want to apply for a loan to get your cash and you can show your annuity as an acceptable form of income.

If you are trying to sell a structured settlement, there’s a good chance that you will have to go through the courts to complete the process. The majority of states in the U.S. have structured settlement protection acts in place as structured settlements are mostly used to protect the financial security of recipients as well as their families. Given the legal issues that may result from trying to sell your payments, it would be in your best interest to have someone on your side that understands the process.

How Your Annuity Purchaser Can Assist You

Annuity purchasers have the expertise to help you when you are in need of selling your annuity or structured settlement payments. They have financial experts on hand to help you with any financial or legal issues that may arise from getting cash for your payments.

Without this assistance, you may not be able to successfully maneuver through any court or legal matters by yourself. You could potentially end up making decisions without knowing or understanding all of the consequences. By contacting an annuity purchaser,  you stand the best chance of getting the best deal from selling your payments.

An annuity purchaser such as industry leader 123 Lump Sum will not only have the expertise to help you avoid any pitfalls, they will also be help you evaluate what your payments are worth and how much cash you can get from them. Anytime you contact an annuity purchaser for information, you should be able to get a free quote and have your questions answered without any further obligation.

Never sign or pay anything until you at least receive a free quote from the provider. By obtaining a free quote, you will have a better understanding of how the annuity purchaser works, how quickly they provide you with the information you requested, and how they interact with you in general. Make sure you are confident in the annuity purchaser’s ability to help you before you proceed in doing business with them.

It’s usually a good idea to contact and industry leader like 123 Lump sum or our affiliated companies like Cash in Your Annuity who understands the intricacies of annuity purchasing. This is done to ensure that you get the best deal for your circumstances. We will also be able to help you decide if you should sell a portion of your payments or all of them to obtain the cash you need.

You will most likely save time and money by having an annuity purchaser assist you with selling your annuity or structured settlement payments for cash. Only do business with a provider that has a history of successfully assisting people and works with you to provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation.