Cash Out Your Annuity Today

Are you thinking of selling your current annuity due to poor economy or financial hardship? Life has a way of throwing financial curve balls at the most inappropriate times. Before you do, consider speaking to financial experts at 123 LumSum. As with any financial transaction, you should consult with a professional and weigh your options.

Carefully review quotes from reputable annuity settlement firms, and ask about taxes and fees that you will be charged for cashing out your annuity. You should also inquire about the length of time the cash out process will take.

Reasons you might want to sell you annuity:

* Buy a Home or Car
* Start a Business
* Payoff Debt
* Pay Tuition

Finally, if your current annuity is worth less than what you initially paid for it, a better option may be to cash it out, incur the tax loss, and consider alternative investments. If this is something you are considering, 123 LumpSum would be happy to provide you with a free quote for the purchase of your annuity. To get started, simply complete the form online at annuity quote