Pending lawsuit, Need Money Now?

In addition to the emotional and physical effects of being involved in a personal injury lawsuit, victims are also frequently faced with enormous medical and legal fees. Until the case is settled, these fees are the responsibility of the victim. Unfortunately, in most personal injury cases, the legal process is both long and complicated, often lasting several years.

During this period, victims must keep up with the costs associated with their case as well as their daily living expenses. This financial stress leaves many victims wondering whether it is possible to secure extra cash to help cover necessary expenses while awaiting their settlement.

Get cash for a pending lawsuit

Fortunately, getting cash for a pending lawsuit is possible. To help victims afford expensive medical bills and legal costs, certain companies specialize in providing pre-settlement cash advances that provide victims with a portion of their settlement upfront. The amount of cash a person will receive depends on the estimated value of the settlement, level of risk and the amount of time it will take to conclude the case. Victims are not required to make any payments towards the advance during their case. Instead, repayment will correlate with the period in which the settlement is received. Additionally, because the cash is an advance of your settlement and not a loan, you will not be required to repay the amount should you happen to lose your case.

While some victims may be wary of borrowing against their settlement, there are numerous advantages to accepting a pre-settlement advance. The first is that, unlike traditional bank loans, pre-settlement advances are extremely fast. In many cases, applicants can be approved within as little as one day and receive their money shortly thereafter. Making sure you get the money you need will not only help you continue to afford the best legal representation, but it will help you avoid quickly settling your case for less than you deserve due to financial hardship.

Another benefit of getting a settlement advance is that the process is easy and anyone who is currently pursuing a settlement may quality. Advances are not approved based on citizen status, credit history or income. As long as you are the victim in a personal injury case, medical malpractice case or even workers compensation case, you may be eligible to receive the cash you need.

If the costs associated with your personal injury case are making it difficult to stay above water, take the first step and request a quote from a trusted and experienced pre-settlement lender. Getting cash for a pending lawsuit is one of the best ways to eliminate stress and ensure that you remain afloat during this difficult time.