Structured Asset Holdings, LLC Announces its First $43.8 Million Fixed Rate Asset Backed Securitization

Contact: Andrew Savysky, President
Company: Structured Asset Holdings, LLC
Address: 3625 W Broward Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone: 1-800-284-5918

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – Structured Asset Holdings, LLC (the Company) announces its issuance of $43,793,000 fixed rate asset-backed notes through Structured Asset Funding’s affiliate, Structured Asset Funding Securitization I, LLC.  The notes collateralize the Company’s receivables related to court ordered structured settlements payment purchase contracts, resulting from tort, injury, wrongful death or other claims that were originated by Structured Asset Funding, iSettlements, 123 Lump Sum and other affiliate companies and are serviced by Structured Asset Services, LLC.

“This is our very first issuance in the 144A market and we couldn’t be more excited about it,” states Eyal Ardity, Chief Financial Officer of Structured Asset Holdings, LLC. “This transaction represents our trusted and increasing presence with institutional investors as well as our commitment to providing viable financial solutions to our clients.”

The issue consists of one class of placed notes: $43,793,000 Class A Series 2015-A Fixed Rate Asset Backed Notes that will pay 3.90%.  The notes have an A (DBRS) rating.

“This rating reflects the stability of the asset class and its financial soundness,” says Andrew Savysky, President of the Company.  “We have  also strengthened our Company’s balance sheet. Our customers will benefit from the improved financing and product opportunities that we will offer.”

Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. was the lead arranger and sole book-runner with Capital One Securities, Inc. acting as co-manager.  Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is the Trustee under the Indenture, the Custodian under the Custodial agreement, and the Backup Servicer for the receivables.

Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Michael Asseff, says “This issuance validates the investment grade quality of the structured settlement assets we have originated since our inception over the last 15 years”.

Since 2002, Structured Asset Holdings and its affiliated companies including 123 Lump Sum have been helping clients to sell their structured settlements, lottery payments, and insurance annuities for a lump sum of cash.  The Company’s commitment to customers has helped thousands of people trying to meet their monthly financial obligations as well as those who simply want to live free from the stresses of financial burdens.

About Structured Asset Holdings, LLC, and its affiliated companies

Structured Asset Holdings, LLC mainly conducts business under the brands of 123 Lump Sum, ** Cash, Structured Asset Funding, and Structured Asset Services, LLC.   They operate as specialty finance companies that purchase structured settlements and insurance annuities.  They are one of the leading purchasers of structured settlements and they strive to make it easier for people who want to make significant changes in their lives by having access to their cash now.  Through legal expertise, underwriting, and institutional financing, they are able to assist their customers with making their financial dreams come true. For more information, please visit

Three Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Structured Settlement Annuity Company

Three Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Structured Settlement Annuity Company

If you are receiving money from a structured settlement, chances are you have come to rely on having the amount of money you receive every month.

But have you thought about what would happen if you could access more of your money?

If you have, then you will need to speak with a representative at a structured settlement annuity company. Structured settlement annuity companies exist to help individuals like you to access their money in one lump sum.

Before you make a decision, you will need to consider three factors when researching structured settlement annuity companies.

• Reputation – the company you choose should have an excellent reputation

in assisting people with their structured settlement payments. They should have a history of helping people along with testimonials from their customer’s experiences. In addition, they should have trained financial experts on their staff who are able to assist you regardless of your specific circumstances.

• Assisting You without Further Obligation – any company you do business with should assist you without any further obligation to do business with them.

Chances are if you are trying to sell your annuity or structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash, you are going to have questions that need answering. The structured settlement company you choose should answer any questions you have as well as provide you with a detailed, free quote based on your situation before you make any final agreements to work with them.

• How Quickly They Can Assist You

If you need your cash quick, it’s important that a structured settlement annuity company can assist you in getting it fast. This also applies to any other business you do with them whether you are just shopping around or you’re a regular customer. The company you choose should answer questions, provide you with a free quote and assist you quickly no matter what your situation is. By being able to assist you fast, it will show that the company is genuinely interested in you as a customer.

Although these factors are important when you are trying to make a decision, you will also want to judge any structured settlement annuity company by how they treat you. Are they happy to answer your questions or do they seem annoyed that you’re asking them?

Can you get a hold of your representative or someone who can assist you in a timely  manner or do you have to call constantly to get in touch with someone? Does it take  them more than a reasonable amount of time to respond to any requests you may have?

Overall, you will want to consider that how a structured settlement annuity company  treats you in the initial stages of contact will dictate how they treat you throughout your relationship with them. Make sure you are comfortable with your interaction with them and you will enjoy working with them for all of your future cash needs.

Understanding Selling Your Structured Settlements

Understanding Selling Your Structured Settlements

Are you currently receiving payments through a structured settlement? Are you interested in obtaining some or all of your future payments now? If so, 123 Lumpsum can help. We are a specialty finance company that applies expertise in institutional financing, underwriting, and the law to purchase future cash flows for our clients.

First, it is important to understand what we mean when we refer to a structured settlement.This term refers to anything in which you receive set payments at regular intervals over time. This type of payment system is the typical method for court decisions in your favor, insurance settlements, lottery winnings, and investment annuities. One drawback of this system is that the payments can lose their value over time due to inflation.This system also does not allow you access to a larger amount of what is owed you should you need it. Perhaps you need money to pay college tuition, make home improvements, consolidate your debts, go on a dream vacation, or make a down payment on a new vehicle, and you desire a way to tap into your settlement money today. Perhaps you simply want to have the money now to invest it your way.

This is where 123 Lumpsum can be of assistance. We will work with the court and your insurer to make sure your ransaction is in your best interests and approved! It is important to note that you do not necessarily need to purchase your entire settlement at once. We purchase settlements of virtually any length or value. You may be receiving your payments from an insurance company like Amica, Metlife, Prudential, John Hancock, or another well know insurance issuer. Whomever the company that issued the payments are we can explain how the transfer process works. We can also help discuss with your defending attorney and the settlement planners you may have worked with such as well known names like McKellar or Ringler who may have helped out in planning your initial structured settlement payment.

To get started, you can call us toll-free at 877-966-8669 or request your FREE quote online.

We can tell you how much your future payments are worth, and our settlement experts will assemble a solution customized to your individual needs and goals. We take pride in structuring each purchase to meet your specific financial objectives, and are at the ready to assist you.