Tips for Your Settlement Transfer Hearing with 123 Lumpsum

You’ve signed your contract and were informed by your account executive that a hearing date has been set, now what? Below are suggestions for what to expect both prior to and at the transfer hearing, along with tips to assure you have the greatest chance of successfully assigning your structured settlement payment rights.

During the week prior to your hearing date, you will receive a phone call from 123 Lumpsum’s attorney who will be presenting the material to the court. He or she will tell you when and where to meet, will review the reasons for your transfer and will let you know what types of questions you can expect from the Judge.

For the day of the hearing, please remember to dress appropriately for Court; a good rule of thumb is to wear clothing for Church or any other religious sanctuary. Please bring personal photo identification and any documentation that can be used to demonstrate your needs for the transfer (our account executives will assist you with this in advance if needed).

Also, please remember to be very respectful to the Court; the way you present yourself could influence a Judge in determining whether to grant approval of the transfer. Knowing why you want to transfer your structured settlement payment rights and being able to honestly convey this information to the Court is highly recommended. It is also very helpful to tell the Court that you were disclosed all of the basic terms of this transaction and that you were informed that you could have obtained or did obtain Independent Professional Advice (IPA).

Finally, don’t be nervous! Remember you are not on trial; the purpose of the hearing is for you to have the opportunity to tell the Court why you need to transfer your structured settlement payment rights and why the transfer should be approved.

If you have questions please contact your account executive any time at 1-800-400-9123.