Cash Out Your Annuity Today

Are you thinking of selling your current annuity due to poor economy or financial hardship? Life has a way of throwing financial curve balls at the most inappropriate times. Before you do, consider speaking to financial experts at 123 LumSum. As with any financial transaction, you should consult with a professional and weigh your options.

Carefully review quotes from reputable annuity settlement firms, and ask about taxes and fees that you will be charged for cashing out your annuity. You should also inquire about the length of time the cash out process will take.

Reasons you might want to sell you annuity:

* Buy a Home or Car
* Start a Business
* Payoff Debt
* Pay Tuition

Finally, if your current annuity is worth less than what you initially paid for it, a better option may be to cash it out, incur the tax loss, and consider alternative investments. If this is something you are considering, 123 LumpSum would be happy to provide you with a free quote for the purchase of your annuity. To get started, simply complete the form online at annuity quote

Is it Time to Cash out Your Annuity?

An annuity is an investment product that pays income to you. The concept is that you contribute money to the fund, it is invested, and it then makes payments to you on a future payments date or series of dates. The income you receive can be disbursed monthly, quarterly, annually, or in a lump sum.

The biggest advantage of an annuity is that there is no annual contribution limit, as there is for 401(k)s and IRAs. Because you defer paying taxes on the money until later, more of your money is being invested today. Before deciding on an annuity, it is important to be fully informed about how the taxes work. The earnings you withdraw from an annuity will be taxed as ordinary income. The maximum income tax rate today is 35%, but if retirement is several years out for you, it’s possible the tax rate will increase. You need to consider the risk involved in investing pre-tax vs. post-tax dollars. As with anything involving your money and your future, we strongly advise you to consult with a financial expert at before moving forward with any decisions.

If you currently have an annuity and have decided it is time to cash it out, 123 LumpSum would love to assist you with this process. We are happy to provide you with a free quote for the purchase of your annuity. To get started, simply complete the form online at

Partial Sale of Your Structured Settlement

123 LumpSum is a specialty finance company that applies institutional financing, underwriting, and legal expertise to purchase future cash flows in the form of your structured settlements and/or insurance annuities. As the leading purchaser of structured settlements, we’re making it easier for people like you who want to make positive changes in their lives get cash now.

Do you need money today but are concerned about giving up the security of your current fixed payments? If so, a partial sale of your structured settlement may be for you. This is a way to get a certain amount of money now, while continuing your future payments at a reduced amount. People often opt for partial sales for the following reasons:

  •         Obtaining the ability to manage money more effectively.
  •         Supplementing loss of wages/job loss.
  •         Strengthening an investment portfolio.1
  •         Needing an advance to pay for a one-time event, such as a vacation or wedding.

You may recall from a previous post that in order to sell all or part of your structured settlement, you are required to appear before a judge. While the money belongs to you, the judge is there to help prevent owners of payments streams from using the money unwisely. Therefore, the judge will ask you for the reason you are requesting the payout. It is usually favorable to the court if you take the more conservative approach of selling partial payments rather than the entire sum of what you are owed.

If you would like to investigate a partial payment of your annuity further, please do not hesitate to contact 123 Lumpsum at  877-966-8669. By applying our knowledge, we can make your financial dreams come true!

The Benefits of a Lump Sum Payment

Do you have some money coming your way, and do you need to decide if it would be more beneficial to accept that money in one lump sum or through a monthly/yearly annuity? If you are in the position of making this decision, you understand that it is a serious one. It is also a topic that has recently made the news.

At the end of March, the Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot reached a half billion dollars, prompting ABC World News with Diane Sawyer to cover the subject of lump sum vs. annuity payments. They interviewed economist Austan Goolsbee, a professor at the University of Chicago, who explained how lump sums are determined with the lottery. According to Goolsbee, lotteries fund themselves with zero coupon bonds. This is a type of bond that will reach the full amount of the award by its final year. If you take a lump sum, the amount you receive is what the bond is worth today. As interest rates go down, the bond value goes up. Because interest rates are currently low, the initial value of those bonds is much higher.

A recent article from U.S. News and World Report echoes this concept, stating the value of the lump sum plays a big role in if you should take it. They suggest you obtain your lump sum offer, and then compare it to the amount you would receive over time with annuity payments.

Let’s take the lottery example. If you won a half million dollars and took a lump sum payment, you would receive 359.4 million dollars today. If you took the annuity of $19,250,000 each year for 26 years, you would receive the full amount of the prize. However, this is pretax. The lottery withholds 25% for federal taxes, and then your state will take its share, which will be another 6-9%. So even though it appears you would be receiving less money by taking the lump sum, it could balance out if taxes increase over time. Additionally, taking the lump sum now would provide you with the opportunity to invest the money your own way, which could mean more money for you in the long run.

When making this important decision, you should weigh your health, your investment abilities, and your risk tolerance, among other factors. Consulting with a financial professional would be best as your weigh your options.

Steps Involved in Selling Your Structured Settlement

If you are the recipient of a structured settlement, there may come a time when you decide you would rather have the balance of what is owed to you now, rather than continuing with your set payment schedule. In these difficult economic times, you never know when a larger influx of cash may be needed. If this is something you may consider, read on for the basic steps involved in selling your structured settlement.

  1. To ensure you are selecting reputable companies, you can check their track record with the Better Business Bureau online at
  2. Once you have selected a company to work with, several legal transactions will take place. You will need to provide the purchaser with legal documentation verifying your structured settlement. Then, depending on the state in which you reside, you may be subject to a professional financial review, in which it will be determined if selling your structured settlement is in your best financial interest. Once the exchange is approved, an attorney will be assigned to submit all required documents to the court on your behalf.
  3. A court date will be scheduled to finalize the transaction, typically within 6 weeks. You will be formally notified of the date via regular mail, and in most states, you will be required to appear in court. There, the judge will analyze the details of the structured settlement and make the final decision regarding the agreement. If approved, the insurance company responsible for financing your structured settlement will be notified that your payments have been sold, and the structured settlement company will wire your money directly into a bank account of your choice.
  4. 123 Lumpsum would love to assist you with this process by providing you with a free quote for the purchase of your structured settlement. To get started, simply complete the form online at

Understanding Selling Your Structured Settlements

Understanding Selling Your Structured Settlements

Are you currently receiving payments through a structured settlement? Are you interested in obtaining some or all of your future payments now? If so, 123 Lumpsum can help. We are a specialty finance company that applies expertise in institutional financing, underwriting, and the law to purchase future cash flows for our clients.

First, it is important to understand what we mean when we refer to a structured settlement.This term refers to anything in which you receive set payments at regular intervals over time. This type of payment system is the typical method for court decisions in your favor, insurance settlements, lottery winnings, and investment annuities. One drawback of this system is that the payments can lose their value over time due to inflation.This system also does not allow you access to a larger amount of what is owed you should you need it. Perhaps you need money to pay college tuition, make home improvements, consolidate your debts, go on a dream vacation, or make a down payment on a new vehicle, and you desire a way to tap into your settlement money today. Perhaps you simply want to have the money now to invest it your way.

This is where 123 Lumpsum can be of assistance. We will work with the court and your insurer to make sure your ransaction is in your best interests and approved! It is important to note that you do not necessarily need to purchase your entire settlement at once. We purchase settlements of virtually any length or value. You may be receiving your payments from an insurance company like Amica, Metlife, Prudential, John Hancock, or another well know insurance issuer. Whomever the company that issued the payments are we can explain how the transfer process works. We can also help discuss with your defending attorney and the settlement planners you may have worked with such as well known names like McKellar or Ringler who may have helped out in planning your initial structured settlement payment.

To get started, you can call us toll-free at 877-966-8669 or request your FREE quote online.

We can tell you how much your future payments are worth, and our settlement experts will assemble a solution customized to your individual needs and goals. We take pride in structuring each purchase to meet your specific financial objectives, and are at the ready to assist you.